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Project Updates

This page will keep you informed of the projects that Circus of the Earth is currently working on and the progress being made on those projects. Information is updated when appropriate.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000: Tornados and typhoons come to mind when I think of all that has been accomplished in the past month. The Outdoor Retailer trade show was a definite success with half a dozen companies pledging their support towards the production of Sphere. Half a dozen more companies are expected to pledge support after follow-up discussions.

Beth Quist, an eloquent and enchanting musician/composer has agreed to create the original score for Sphere. When I first heard a CD by Beth I knew that she was the perfect person to create the musical mood needed for this show. I am extremely excited to work with her on this project.

I am equally thrilled to announce that J.P. Osnes will be designing the lighting for the show and assisting with the technical design. J.P. has exceptional experience with lighting and technical design at Macky Auditorium and Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder. I have enjoyed his work recently in "Theater of the Vampires" and "The Nutcracker."

I am currently seeking a costume designer of equal caliber to these two highly skilled artisans.

The search is also on for a circus arts studio. I expect to secure a full time training facility sometime in March.

Promotions, fundraising, physical training, technical design, choreography, and artistic refinement continue...Who needs sleep?

Wednesday, January 12, 2000: With the start of the new year our fundraising campaign has gotten under way and is in full swing. The next two weeks will include intensive grant research which will be followed by the ongoing process of submitting grant applications. At the end of the month Circus of the Earth will travel to the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show to commence a fundraising campaign of direct sponsorship solicitation. Also this month, we are closing in on finding key technical designers for lighting, sound, and costumes. Physical training to hone the skills specifically needed for the show continues each day and creative development continues to refine ever more details of the show.

Sunday December 12, 1999: As we fly swiftly towards the winter solstice, holiday celebrations, and the new year, Circus of the Earth is happy to finally have this website up and running. In the next few months, our major fundraising program for the year will begin and production work (physical training and choreography, prop design and construction, lighting and technical design etc.) will continue to build in intensity for the stage show Sphere. Here's to a joyous holiday season and a delightful new year!