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Planet Photo Consider the wonderful attributes of a sphere. How much simpler can a three dimensional object be? A sphere has only one external surface with no corners, breaks, or lines. There is neither a starting point nor an ending point; infinity in your hand.

A sphere is the simplest of all juggling props. This simplicity allows a juggler maximum freedom for creative expression. I have long dreamed of a show in which I would work only with spheres.

Sphere, the show, centers around the relationship between humans and the sphere which we live upon, Earth. In this show I work with a diverse range of spherical objects to delight the audience with the wonder and joy of juggling. In addition, the movement, juggling, and circus skills employed question the current exploitative nature of the human relationship to Earth and offer a vision of a more balanced and reciprocal Human-Earth relationship.

This show is a triumph of the human spirit. Following a brief prologue, the show opens with a prenatal being pondering the world from within the womb. Next, an infrant takes the stage with the sheer delight of existence. Soon we meet the boy. He finds his joy and passion in juggling only to experience betrayal by an injury.

After a stormy adolescence, the boy becomes a jester faced with the burden of bringing others joy when he himself has forgotten how to laugh. From the individual organism the story jumps to the birth of the universe, the dance of a star, and the whirlwind of the solar system. Finally the focus returns to the earth and we find out if the boy has found his peace in manhood.

The juggling, dance and circus skills of Sphere serve as the vehicle to the storyline and powerful message of the show. I work with props of my own invention to create object manipulation and movement which has not been seen before. I am thrilled at the prospect of going beyond my current abilities, demonstrating humans' capacity for doing the "impossible," and having the opportunity to use my art to inspire audiences with new wonders, thoughts and delights.

Sphere premiered in Boulder, Colorado at the historic Chautauqua Auditorium, August 18-20 of 2000 and is currently available for booking.