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Jester Photo Circus of the Earth is dedicated to using juggling, movement and circus arts to:

  1. Heighten awareness of humans' impact on the global environment.
  2. Inspire people to seek the best in themselves and to express their greatest potential.
  3. Teach people to follow their hearts, reach for the stars, and live their dreams.
  4. Inspire decisions based on seeking the positive in life rather than seeking to avoid that which we fear.
  5. Encourage conscious and responsible decision making based on the recognition of our connection to and impact upon the environment.
  6. Elevate awareness and appreciation of juggling, movement arts, and the circus arts with respect to all that these arts have to offer both the audience and the artists.

Circus arts have the ability to inspire humans in a way that no other art form can. The art of circus is the art of the impossible made real. The greatest gift of the circus artist is to perform for the audience an impossible feat. Not trapped in the artificial world of a painter's canvas, or suspended in the alternate reality created by a writer, nor aided by the special effects wizardry of computers and movies, the circus artist performs in this very moment, live and in-person, that which the audience would never have dreamed possible. By demonstrating impossible skills, acrobats, contortionists, aerialists, equilibrists, and jugglers expand the horizons of human capability. Leaving the circus, an individual must wonder what he is truly capable of. Witnessing the incredible teamwork of the circus, we know that working as communities, no problem is insurmountable.

Circus of the Earth was conceived in 1995 by juggler Sven Jorgensen as a means of harnessing the inspirational potential of juggling and other circus arts to address the relationship between humans and the environment. Originally, this concept took shape in educational shows performed for schools. Currently, Circus of the Earth is shifting focus to perform large-scale public shows. Reaching a greater audience base with a more powerfully delivered message will increase effectiveness in addressing global environmental issues. In the future, Circus of the Earth will continue performing and hopes to also establish a school of movement arts which will create an environment where inspired individuals and groups can learn to go beyond their limits.